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Now looks strange that this development did not come up during the construction of the tipper. For this upgrade was required to produce about 50 machines.

Nevertheless, in the year 2016 there was developed a new "floating" container fixation system. Adjustable fixators are moving accorging to its height, taking its shape. In this case, if the next container is bigger or smaller the tipper will be able to work with it. All clearances will be blocked, the product won`t stuck nowhere, and will get just in the place where you want it to be unloaded.

Want to use a different size containers? With the new control system of container sizes, it is possible!

By NZRO society`s order, together with European Union co-financing programme ELFLA our company has designed and manufactured the first line for the rpoduction of preserves.

Nothing brand new didn`t appear, just around dozens of individual developments already manufactured in the past were merged into the principally new technological line.

Process is run by the weighing controller with the group of sensors. All the components of the dosage varies widely, allowing to change the packing portion, volume and the speed of the process. The line is fundamentally new and in the intensive work process some minuses of wishes could be shown up. But nevertheless the great advantages have become clear already in line`s testing.

The line can operate with a minimum of one operator, but with minimum productivity. The line fits for any preserve production`s technological process.

Line`s work places shares to 5 stations:

  • Salted or fresh fish storage and feeding station;
  • Fish primary salting station;
  • Station of dosing preserves and ingredients;
  • The brine production, storage and cooling station;
  • Bucket packing and labeling station
  • Perhaps this is the most complex and the most unusual development of our company.
    For the design and construction we spent one year and for completion and problem elimination year and a half.

    Functions, that in test mode worked perfectly in real conditions got broken or worked strange. We had to upgrade either our assemblies, either already made components. We would like to thank our customers "Vergi" for the understanding and strong nerves.

    For a few years we have watched the work of opening-closing mechanisms while unloading different kind of semi-finished products.

    We were drawing, making a tests, upgrading existing mechanisms...

    And in the end we got a new weighing bin with fall-out system for our batcher.

    It works much better! Unfortunately it`s price is also much higher...

    After 5 years of production of hydraulic tippers and over 30 manufactured machines, on the initiative of the company`s HansaFlex Hidraulika engineer, has been modernized hydraulic station of the machine.

    To replace the massive stainless steel tank came a compact plastic bin, installation system of the control blocks has been changed.

    It allowed to make station cheaper, smaller and more functional, that in combination with an electrical control, allowed to use one station to work with a row of hydraulic actuators.

    This product is the result of cooperation of the companies "Vergi" and "Lisna". Specialists of "Vergi" gave us a sample of winch, we discussed the shortcomings of the equipment, all necessary operational characteristics and desirable features.

    Little drawings, discussions and approvals and there was the first, and in our view a very high-quality stainless steel winch.

    Of course the last word remains for professionals from "Vergi" after passing ship tests. Special thanks to partners from the company HansaFlex, which specialists developed a racional hydraulical drive.

    The idea, which we were refusing all this years because of it`s uselessness turned out to be very effective, convenient and practical - the new control system for the defrostating camera.

    System, which we have designed, allows to control and adjust temperature in the camera in any periods of time, to create and save defrostating programmes for each product individually, increased the productivity of the machne by lowering the time of the defrostation.

    This construction waited for it`s customer for a 5 years. The idea to build the unloader of the crates came in mind after the tests of the first container tipper.

    But because of some unclear reasons none of buyers of defrostating cameras wanted to buy this machine. At last, with ELFLA co-financiation project this idea came to reality.

    Nothing new and surprising, but after 2-3 minutes the crate is empty.

    The reason for this development was minimal and insufficient mechanization of production lines in primary fish processing enterprises .

    Our designed weight batcher, proved itself as a versatile semi-automatic dosing equipment, able to be quickly adjusted to the desired weight parameters and all sorts of packaging requirements.

    In 2010, our company according to the“Varita” Ltd technical task , developed and installed vibration grader for Baltic sprat and herring, with productivity up to 10 tons per hour.

    The basis of the grader is hydraulic power unit, capable of transmitting any desired oscillation to the balanced vibration table.

    That allows you to sort fish, depending on it`s total amount and size. This grader has established itself as the most efficient of used today in tLatvia.

    Hot fish smoking using wooden briquettes.

    By order of our clients SIA “BUTE” and the co-financing of programmes of the European Union ELFLA, our company has designed and installed hot smoking oven. This is the first oven of this type, installed and successfully used in an enclosed space, passed all compliance and security checks.

    The main processes inside the oven are controlled electronically, effectively guiding and distributing the flow of air.

    After hard negotiations we came to the agreement with Ammeraal Beltech company about the supply of all their product range with payment delay and without intermediaries.

    Happy news with good perspetives.

    In the current situation with the shortage of raw materials and with the appearance of sorted fish in the production lines, there is a need to develop and design new threading conveyors, with new technological tasks.

    The ability to sort fish significantly reduced the amount of fish, which can`t be smoked, and a shortage of raw materials has led to additional quality control and the use of discarded fish in other types of canned food.

    We have developed new technological solutions, and successfully implemented them in the created threading conveyors.

    Our company received an order for the maintenance of the machine after 2 years of exploitation.

    Bearings and couplings, that we have bought from our suppliers goes under any crytics. We wonder, how they were able to work for a 2 years.

    Analyzing the work of washing machines used in different fields of food industry in Latvia, our company has set a task to modernize the equipment by changing the design of these machines, putting them on one versatile pump base,capable of washing a variety of objects, from cans to boxes.

    So the brand new versatile washing complex was born. Storage tanks, pumping stations, water filtration system, and many other technical solutions are identical and versatile.

    The difference is in the feeding conveyor of the objects of washing, which is mounted in the last stage of machine`s production and in the unique washing nozzles.

    The technical solutions we used, allowed in the short term refine the washing complex, having the most efficient and versatile platform for this type of equipment.

    Understanding the possible market demand for the equipment for tipping standard transport containers with raw materials and semi-finished products in the food industry our company taking part in European Union ELFLA co-financing programme, developed and constructed the first hydraulic container tipper.

    The whole structure and all components including hydraulic cylinders are made of stainless steel, which is used in the food industry.That will ensure the durability and reliability of this equipment in high humidity conditions.

    The usual hydraulic station was replaced by electrical system, which eliminates the operation of the electric motor in idle mode and saves electrical energy and the resource of the power unit of the machinem which was designed on our request by company Hansa Flex Hidraulika.

    Our first export order - tunnel type airborne defroster VKD-19.

    Customer - “LeorPlastik”, Novogrudok, Belorussia.

    Work was done well! Hope, that is just the beginning.