By NZRO society`s order, together with European Union co-financing programme ELFLA our company has designed and manufactured the first line for the rpoduction of preserves.

Nothing brand new didn`t appear, just around dozens of individual developments already manufactured in the past were merged into the principally new technological line.

Process is run by the weighing controller with the group of sensors. All the components of the dosage varies widely, allowing to change the packing portion, volume and the speed of the process. The line is fundamentally new and in the intensive work process some minuses of wishes could be shown up. But nevertheless the great advantages have become clear already in line`s testing.

The line can operate with a minimum of one operator, but with minimum productivity. The line fits for any preserve production`s technological process.

Line`s work places shares to 5 stations:

  • Salted or fresh fish storage and feeding station;
  • Fish primary salting station;
  • Station of dosing preserves and ingredients;
  • The brine production, storage and cooling station;
  • Bucket packing and labeling station