We are performing the design of new equipment and modernization of the existing. Design is a complex process requiring a comprehensive approach and to develop multi-step plan.

To select the best ways of designing and understanding at the initial stage of the we are carrying out phased modernization planning, taking into account the objectives set out by the customer, and its capabilities. At the initial stage the technological process is being studied. On this results we are starting to make a first steps of designing.To provide necessary accuracy simulation is used, which provides the most accurate and detailed picture of the location of the systems and equipment.

In doing so, we rely on the experience and knowledge gained by us as during production and during the implementation of projects on modernization of equipment and workshops.

In close cooperation with the customer we strive to optimize the cost of projects. Our own development offer the opportunity to provide you with rational design decisions that, thanks to the innovative approach and design, will help you become a leader in your field.

In our projects we use components of the well-known world manufacturers, which ensures high reliability and maintainability of equipment.